How Do Your Block Accounts Work?

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2017-06-27 00:12

Our block accounts are very easy to use, and depending on your personal usage, can be a great deal, even more so than an unlimited account!  It is real simple to see why!:

  1. Unlike some of our competitors, our block accounts do not expire!  Take 5 years to use it up!  We do not care!
  2. Pay once, and do not pay again until you want to purchase more GBs!
  3. We offer many different block account sizes to suit your needs!
  4. You may post using your block account as well, without having it count against your purchased bandwidth!

For example;

  • You purchase a 200 GB package today.
  • You know that your usage is relatively predictable and you download 5-10 GBs a week on average.
  • This account will last you 20-40 weeks (5-10 MONTHS)!  This works out to $2.50 per month!
  • Can you make it last longer?  Purchase a larger GB package?  The price per month gets even better!

Use our NEW Cost Calculator to see just how much you can save!  Access it HERE!

What do you need to use our service?

  • Internet Access
  • A Newsreader
  • Your Login Details Provided After Purchase
  • That's It!!



Why pay $11 - $15 or more for an unlimited account when your monthly usage does not justify it??

Be aware of other so called "block account" providers!  Our competitors accounts expire after a period of time!  Others have higher prices!  Do not be fooled!

Truth is, many people do not use their unlimited account enough to justify the cost of them, yet they continue to pay each and every month!  With todays ISPs beginning to crack down with bandwidth restrictions, using an unlimited account to there fullest is proving to be even more difficult. This is why our block accounts make even more sense!

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Still in the market for an unlimited account?  We offer these as well through our alternative sites, UseNetNow.Net  and No matter what your usenet needs, we have an account that can satisfy them.  We want you as a customer!

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