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SSL Server Connection Issues ***Issue Resolved***

****Happy to announce this issue has been resolved.  Thanks for everyones patience through this issue.  Thank you for being a BlockNews customer and have a happy holidays. Cool


***UPDATE-- Light at the end of the tunnel? IF things go as planned, most, if not all of the issues still being seen with SSL, should be resolved by early weekend. Again, this is if things go smoothly between now and then. On the bright side, improved connectability to the standard US server should be seen at this point.


**UPDATE-- Users may still experience connection and disconnection issues during peak usage times which are typically evenings, the good thing is, these issues are not occuring during "off-peak" times like they once were (pre-hardware upgrade). Therefore progress IS being made, check back here for the latest updates. You should continue to use whatever port works the best for your connection and if your newsreader supports it, enable "auto-reconnect". Thank you for your continued patience.


*UPDATE-- New hardware has been added to the SSL system to further increase its capacity. However, with the hardware that has come in so far, it is not enough as there are still some issues from time to time. Additional hardware is still on order/has been ordered and is installed and put into production as it comes in. This will be done until the SSL server is up to a satisfactory state. Please know that as hardware is added, there may be times where all connections will fail so equipment can be rebooted. Please continue to use alternate port 443 OR you may use the newly added alternate port of 8080. The Europe server ( remains unaffected. BlockNews thanks you for your patience through this time.


We are currently experiencing connection issues for the SSL server causing some users to be unable to connect. One workaround is to try using a different port. Instead of 563 you may use 443. Work is continuing to be done on the SSL system and improvement should be seen in the near future. Thank you for your patience.

Last update: 2007-11-30 18:56
Author: John

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