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Service Migration

UPDATE June 28th- Block account users, please begin using the server address "" WITHOUT the "@newsgroups.user" ending on your username.  This server address will be used with SSL as well, port 563.

All Unlimited users, please begin using UseNetNow,your subscription with Blocknews has been canceled and any remaining time has been moved over to your account on Usenetnow.  At the end of that period, you will be able to sign up under new customer pricing and continue with your account.  You can login to that service with your same credentials as you did with Blocknews, please remember to remove the "@newsgroups.user" ending for your username in your newsreader.  Server addresses also change as well.  Please change server address to either "" OR ""


UPDATE June 22nd- E-Mails have been sent out to all unlimited account subscribers.  Please let us know if you have further questions regarding what is outlined in the e-mails.


We have decided to split up our service between two websites, for better account handling and customer service.  BlockNews.Net is going back to its roots and will sell only Usenet Block Accounts.  Please check back in the coming days for some of the best prices on block accounts not available from any other usenet provider on the web today.


UseNetNow.Net will showcase our unlimited accounts.  Weekly, monthly and quaterly.  We have some very attractive prices that make our accounts the best value on the web.  We hope all of our loyal Blocknews customers from the past and present enjoy the new, enhanced service.

As of now, all new unlimited account purchases are being directed to the new Usenetnow website.  In the coming days, all current subscription based customers will be migrated over to the new website / system.  This will include canceling your subscription here with Blocknews so you can recreate the subscription on the UseNetNow system.  Please be looking for e-mails in the coming days.


A couple of key advantages you will now have with the new websites (UseNetNow & Blocknews):

  • You asked for it!  A better user profile is here!  You will now see a history of your purchases, ability to retrieve and change your password, and for block users, your total block usage will be displayed! 
  • Retention going to 400 days!
  • use of a webreader- to view and reply to text and picture groups right in your browser & use of a cell phone reader- to view and reply to text and picture groups right on your IPhone (works well on Smart Phones as well)!
  • One thing that will remain consistent is the level of support that you have come to expect from us at BlockNews!  We are here for you!
Please send a question to support if you have any questions or concerns with this migration.  Thank you to all of our customers for there continued patronage since our launch.
Last update: 2009-06-28 19:50
Author: John

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