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SSL Retention Bug/Slow Speeds **Issue Has Been Resolved**

This issue was fixed last week *phew* Laughing  Thank you once again for the patience you have given us the past several months while this issue was worked on.


In order to prevent confusion, we are condensing the information that was here, down to a more manageable read. Tongue out


In short, there is currently a piece of software that is deployed on the US servers (SSL included) that is causing issues with posts. The software essentially tells your newsreaders that the post does not exist (Post Not Found, Post Not On Server, or some other related error depending on yours news reader). This will be fixed with a new software version, but the reason why it is happening with the current software version has to be found first so the appropriate changes can be made. If you experience slow speeds, this is also a result of this seems if a user is connected to a front end and begins to exihibit this behavior, it will affect all of those connected to the same front end. In extreme cases, the software will truncate entire newsgroups, but this has been very rare in occurence. This does not affect ALL users, it seems to be random at best. The good news is, retention should begin to increase in the future once this issue is ironed out.


What can you do to get around this issue?- If you are experiencing post do not exist errors, you can use a newsreader that supports multiple servers. Set the SSL or standard US server as your primary server and put the EU server as a backup or "fill" server. By doing this, if an article not found error is generated from the US systems, the news reader will automatically go to the EU server to retrieve it. This is due to the EU server being a completely separate system. Users who are experiencing more severe issues, please contact support for additional options.

Last update: 2008-05-27 12:56
Author: Danielle

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