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SSL Server **Issue Resolved**

The load balancer was replaced which took care of the slow speeds and connection errors.  We are still keeping an eye on a small issue where certain posts whose age is up into the mid-90's days old will seem to be reported as not existing where in reality it really does.  While in some cases disconnecting and reconnecting will solve it, we are still working with the appropriate folks to rectify it.

UPDATE 1-25-08 Afternoon - The problem which was causing this issue has been fully identified. A faulty load balancer was the culprit and took quite awhile to isolate. At any rate, this load balancer is being replaced Friday afternoon into the weekend and things should start to return to normal in due time. Once again thank you for your patience and have a great weekend. -- Edited for clarification 1-26-08

UPDATE 1/21/2008- Engineers are still working on the issue non-stop (until they ask for food that isWink). Scripts are being run on various pieces of equipment to better pin-point the location of the issue, and then take action accordingly. Again, this issue is affecting very few users, which makes it more difficult to locate. We want to clarify that this issue is NOT the same as what was going on towards the end of last year with the SSL system, which was a capacity issue. The other two systems remain unaffected. You will see continued updates here as they become available. Thanks again for your patience.

UPDATE 1/17/2008- Being that this issue is only affecting certain/random users, it is taking longer to track down than it would if the entire userbase were to be affected. In addition to possible network issues, we are analyzing the front ends to see if there is issues with only certain groups on certain front ends or a combination of SSL gateways and news server front ends. The process is essentially trying to narrow down to the key cause which can prove to be a long and tedious process. We hope, just like you guys, it will not take much longer. We appreciate your patience.

The Following Issues Are Still Being Addressed Accordingly:

Currently, users are reporting on two issues for the SSL server:

  • Certain articles, while they do exist on the server, are coming up as non-existent to the end user.
  • Slow speeds
Last update: 2008-01-30 16:19
Author: John

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