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Connection Issue For US Server **Issue Has Been Resolved**

UPDATE- This issue has been resolved, however please take note of the port options for the standard US server.

UPDATE- Still working out the kinks on this issue. It seems once things are fixed, they go down hill again. The standard server still remains usable, however several of the alternate ports will either provide failed connections or slow speeds. If you choose to use this server, please use port 119 or you may use the SSL or EU server.

UPDATE- It seems as though the SSL server is not affected by this as originally thought. However the standard US server seems to be only accepting connections using port 119. If you use this server, please attempt to use port 119 until the issue is ironed out, or you may connect to the SSL or EU server in the meantime.

Some users are experiencing intermitent connection issues to the US server farms (SSL and standard US server). Should you choose to use these servers, you will need to attempt to use different ports to gain connections. The EU server remains unaffected. Thank ytou for your patience.

Last update: 2007-12-27 17:00
Author: John

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