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Welcome to BlockNews.Net support. Here you will find a listing of FAQ's and also a chance for you to create a support ticket. To submit your issue to support, please click on "Contact Support" at the top right to fill out your details or you can e-mail support directly at "". We will respond to your issue within 24 hours, but it is almost always much much sooner. IMPORTANT- Some e-mail systems treat our e-mails as spam, if you do not receive an acknowledgement to your request within 30 minutes, please check your spam/bulk mail folder, as this is where replies from us will most likely end up.

We have begun beta testing "Live Chat" support at varying hours during the day / night.  You will know when "Live Chat" is available when there is a graphic displayed throughout our site.  Give it a try for any of your support needs when you can! 

What makes out block accounts so great???  Many reasons!!  Please read this article for a better understanding of our accounts!

Last update: 2014-03-21 05:18
Author: Support

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